A friend of mine asked me to answer these questions that I think are the current issues nowadays so just wanna share my thoughts to you.😇

1. My biggest concern for the future is…
..is when the time comes that Filipino Values will be totally forgotten by the people. The values that made us distinct from the other. Technology and social media are getting more influential that sometimes we tend to follow the trends and lifestyle of other liberated countries.

2.Real learning doesn’t occur in a classroom.
Classroom is just one of the places where we can gain a lot of knowledge.Learning is everywhere. Real learning is on how we keep the lessons that we get from the environment, from our experiences and from the people we meet in every single minute of our day.

3. What would you rather be – wise or intelligent?
I’d rather be wise than intelligent. When you are wise you know how to nurture and use your skills and talents, thus, it will lead you more than beyond the success of an intelligent person.

4. The media controls how and what we think.
Media is very influential. We should know how and when to use it. We should use it wisely and with limitations.

5.What is the biggest effect of the internet?
Internet makes our lives easier. With just only one click we get what we are looking for. Lives are more convenient in this time because almost everything will be served by the internet.

6. Why is voting important?
Voting is important because it is our right and we are voting someone for our ownselves and our places’ welfare.If you don’t want any harm then vote for someone who can take good care of you and your place. That is why you need to vote.

7. The current tax system harms the working middle class.
Many Filipinos will say that train law is just in favor for the rich people. The tax rates are all increasing leading to an increase of the prices of goods. Working middle class are just earning enough money to provide for their needs but we cannot absolutely say that the current tax system is harming them because we are still on the stage of adapting the new system and on the shock switched of tax rates. I believe that the govt is working to be fair to all and provide the progressive tax system that would be beneficial for everybody. I just hope that people will work harder to earn money not just being dependent on the assistance given by the govt because what harms the most to people is their ownselves.

8. Why churches shouldn’t have to pay taxes.
Churches are offering public service.It would be hard to identify the profit of the church since it is a non profit organization. Those who are working at the church are already submitting their individual tax return. The donations received by the church should be use for the goods and services offered to the public instead of paying taxes.

9. Three things I’d change if I ruled the world.
First, I will limit the use of technology because we can not deny the fact that it has many negative effects to people.
Second, I will impose a law that will automatically put into jail those who are not taking care of our mother nature like those who are littering and usinh plastics excessively. Lastly, I will mandatorily passed that everyone should have a savings bank account. The government will offer for free the opening of bank account already with compensating balance instead of giving it directly like financial assistance (ex.4ps) so as to encourage them to save and manage their money.

10. The need for effective cyber security protocols.
Confidentiality is something to be protected. Technology nowadays is fast rising and there are already a lot of ways to manipulate our data and information. Thus, the govt should impose immediately an effective cyber security prtocol.

11. The world is a smaller place these days.
Technology serves as an open door to everyone. You can connect with your love ones even if they are far away from you. You can visit many places even if you are just sitting in your sala. You can shop in many malls around the world even when you are in bed. You can find friends easily. You can show to them your success. These days, world is like a round dinner table because of technology. Everything is in the table you just need to spin it. Technology makes the world smaller.

12. The more we communicate, the less we really say.
The more we talk to someone and get connected with them, the lesser we say something against and judge them because communication is the key to deeply know their struggles in life and understand why they are just the way they are.

13. The most important lesson of my life so far…
..is when I realize that God’s will is better than what I have planned for myself. I learned that everything I do should be done according to His will because it is for a greater purpose. There were times I felt frustrated when I did not get what I want but at the end I just knew that it was better enough.

14. Intelligence is not enough.
Everyone is born intelligent but sometimes our attitudes ruin it. We should know how to use our minds and nurture our God-given talents. Trust yourself and know you can. Intelligence will help you but actions will lead you to sweet essence of succes.

15. Poverty is a state of mind.
If you think you are poor and weak then you are truly is. But if you think that you can surpass all the challenges of life and level up your status in the society then you will truly rise from poverty. It is only you who are making your lives miserable. You should think positively and act confidently.

16. What characteristics make an ideal hero and why?
A hero is brave and a saviour. A true hero will lend a hand to those who are in need and help them carry their burdens. An ideal hero is someone who is willing to fight for what is right.

17. What and who is an average person?
An average person is someone who will just settle for where he is now and what he has. He is not willing to try something new and do some extraordinary things despite of his qualifications. He is not intelligent and rich nor a moron and poor. He is just contented with the things he gets from the simple acts he did.

18. In what situation is lying a good idea?
Lying will never be a good idea but sometimes we need to do it for a better outcome. We have to do it to defend ourselves. We are doing it becoz we don’t want to hurt someone.

19. Does money make the world go round?
Yes, because it drives everything. We go to school thinking that we will get a high paying job in the future. We are working to have plenty of money. Some are even willing to do illegal things and worst is to kill someone just to have it. You will live if you have money, you will die if you haven’t because people nowadays believe that you can only function well if you have the money.

20. What human quality do we need more of and why?
For me a quality that we need more is RESPECT. If each one of us will value the word respect we will surely live in a harmonious world because all other good qualities will just follow then. Respect is a way of showing admiration or importance and an action of honoring someone or something. Respect brings forth conscience and fear from our God.


A Secret Passion

I am not good in writing

But I am trying

I will not tell you what I feel verbally

My pen will tell you internally

Words may not be in correct line

It is truly mine and I cannot deny

Please try to understand

The works of my hand

Don’t know where it started

Passion in my soul blindly veiled

I just woke up one day

Loving it so dearly

Sometimes I just feel to sit on the corner

Feel the breeze of the freezing air

Hear the sound of the singing feathered friend

Sea waves splashing, writing passion never end

Bagacay(Folktale) MacArthur,Leyte

              545512_413342298708685_787283840_n               A long time ago, there was a couple who were wandering to look for food and a place where they can build their shelter. They saw an unusual plant while they were travelling. It was shaped liked a bamboo, but it’s smaller, thinner, and with lesser leaves. They were confused by the bamboo specie but there were no other people to ask for about the plant. The couple thought that it was a plant given by God as a symbol of their extraordinary love for each other, so they called it BAGACAY after their names “Bagat” and “Cayan.” The village was also named Bagacay because of the abundance of plant in the place. Bagat and Cayan used it for building their shelter and for making fire. From that time people started to knew about Bagacay. They went over and also made it useful in agriculture, hand- crafting, fishing and farming. The inhabitants became bigger in the locality. They even use bagacay in creating sounds during barrio fiestas. Bagat and Cayan were very happy that they were able to share their extraordinary love and the people received a lot of blessings through bagacay. They extended their gratefulness through praising in their very own Bagacay Festival.

              Time had passed and many people came into the place, even colonizers. The name Bagacay was changed to Tarragona by a Spanish priest who chose the name in honor of his native city in Spain. Tarragona became a municipality.

When American forces arrived, Tarragona was changed into MacArthur in honor of General Douglas MacArthur who was the Liberator at that time. Today the town of MacArthur is still celebrating Bagacay Festival as a thanksgiving ritual.



Doing great, being excellent, passing test

To show them all you are the best

Avoiding least, closing fist

To prove them you’re stronger than the rest


That is what you do

To make them proud of you

See them smile and ample felicity

While giving them your medal of prosperity


But still why, asking yourself

Hard works and greatness are all like an elf

A mistake of one over a hundred

All they notice, so infuriated


Longing for kin, longing for love, longing for attention

Can these people give you some compassion?

Focus to that rebel child, how much is the fee?

Fair life where is the key?


Manny Pacquiao VS LGBT

MANNY1I do not endorse the statement of Manny nor concur the livid reactions and response of some LGBT Com members.

Manny has the right to oppose the same sex marriage because he is trying to adhere the Christian faith and let all live in a way considered as morally right but comparing the LGBT worse than animals are indignity, disrespect, insult and misjudgment.

As to the harsh comments and reactions to it, yes you also have the right because you have been deprived, insulted, and hurt, but we all know that Manny is not that very careful on the words he utters or shall I say he is not that grammatically conscious because of his late education (my opinion). Maybe the point he is trying to say is that, it is okay to have LGBT in the community but to have the boy-to-boy or girl-to-girl marriage is kinda immoral.


I only base this according to what I’ve watched and heard from Abunda and Vice, and what I’ve read in social media…